I learned the word "installment payment"; It means that a customer pays a bill in small portions throughout a fixed period of time.

When I'm asked "What is your nationality?", how should I answer the question? Japanese, or Japan? I think both would be understandable, but I don't know which is correct.

Is Twitter a little bit weird now? It's slow to load pictures.

I'll fix the IP address of my Raspberry Pi because I'm too lazy to look up the variable one every time I have it restart.

I’ve watched “The Secret Life of Pets” again for the first time in a few years.

The series 2 of it is currently unavailable on Amazon Prime Video somehow…

I'm thinking about buying Animal Crossing and playing it in English to get used to it more.

I took a medical check just now.

I was surprised that my systolic blood pressure exceeded the standard value twice, but I’m relieved to hear that it’s not abnormal.

My computer life without a monitor has begun...!

I arranged for a repair for my broken monitor yesterday, and I had it picked up just now.

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