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MacBook Pro (2018) + Blackmagic eGPU Pro で Windows 10 を起動できた! (おそらく) qiita.com/noraworld/items/a444 @noraworld_comより

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My Raspberry Pi suddenly loses its IP address for some reason periodically (maybe once a month?), so I decided to build a system that checks whether it is not losing its IP address, and if losing, it fixes automatically.

I got to carry unwanted items out tonight because I’m going to get a waste management company to pick them up tomorrow.

I have uninstalled the beta versions of iOS and watchOS.

Unlocking my new iPhone 13 Pro with my Apple Watch outside, it’s so much useful 😮

Google Meet のチャットメッセージを Slack に自動的に投稿する Chrome 拡張機能を公開しました!



I’m super excited to share my new Chrome extension, which allows you to post chat messages on Google Meet to a Slack channel.

You can download and install it from Chrome Web Store.

I hope it helps you log conversations easily and makes you enjoyable!

Speak of which, I bought a new iPhone 13 Pro recently.

Face ID is awesome. I can unlock my iPhone as if its password is not set.

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