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I’m waiting for the upcoming Amazon prime day 2021.

I changed all contact information to English notations in my contact book on iOS (iCloud). It was hard.

Today I tried writing plenty of English sentences to Twitter to improve my English skill.

I don't know how to change my name on Google account. I want to change it to the English notation.

I'm worried about how much it costs to repair.

I'm worried about how much it does cost to repair.

I tried connecting other devices with other cables to a broken monitor, and I figured out a monitor-side was completely broken.

I wish what was broken had been a cable-side.

I submitted a inquiry form to repair a monitor of broken, and then I found out it's no longer supported model.

I'm going to call the customer center tomorrow.

Is he speaking English? (I have no intention of insulting him, I really don't know he is speaking English, or other languages)

A humidifier is what increases the level of humidity in the air, and a dehumidifier is what does the opposite operation.

A humidifier is what reduces the level of humidity in the air, and a dehumidifier is what does the opposite operation.

I thought USB-C cable was broken before, but I realized what was actually broken is the monitor connected to the cable. Oh my gosh...

I have to send it out for repair.

I learned the differences between "wake up" and "get up".

wake up: to stop sleeping and open my eyes
get up: to get out of bed

Google Translate is too intelligent to detect grammatical mistakes of my English.

s/I want to automatic.../I want to make automatic

I want to automatic connection and disconnection to the specific devices on iOS shortcuts, but unfortunately it’s apparently not possible so far.

A shredder is useful, but it’s hard to clean around there...

How do I configure only a zone apex (a domain without its subdomains) on DNSMasq? Impossible?

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