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RSpec 導入時にチーム内で意識・決定しておきたいルール [Ruby] on

Due to a lot of spam, registrations are now closed in my Mastodon instance.

I hate the minigames because I can't do it well and I don't feel an effect for the exercise.

I’m thinking of stopping eating white rice. I’ll eat brown rice instead.

I added the schedules to my calendar not to forget buying a book for Prime Reading.

Speak of which, I’ve forgotten I could read the target book for free on Kindle once a month. I gotta select what I want to read.

Thunderstorm is so noisy. It seems to be very close to my house. ⚡️

『PlayStation®4 グレイシャー・ホワイト 1TB (¥35,000)』 フリマアプリ「メルカリ」で販売中♪

It made me really fun!

But I thought foreigners would have hard time understanding the difference between "(目の下に) クマができてる" and "熊ができてる (妊娠している)".

"the bear is pregnant"??? I believe this translation is kind of weird.

It means "I've got bags under my eyes".

In Japanese, "dark circles (under my eyes)" and "a bear" are the same pronunciation. That's why this problem happens.

Oh, Kiyo started playing Undertale! I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s going to turn out his story.

The Siri shortcuts of SwitchBot have been stopped working since a few days ago… I’m in trouble…

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