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Speak of which, I bought a new iPhone 13 Pro recently.

Face ID is awesome. I can unlock my iPhone as if its password is not set.

50LGTM! | Git Submodules でサブモジュール内のリポジトリをリモートの master の最新版に追従する by @noraworld_com

100LGTM! | 【iTerm2】ターミナル上で画像を表示する方法 by @noraworld_com

I’m having hard time handling a regular expression with a POSIX shell now...

My Ubuntu Server computer suddenly loses a static IP address assigned to it. Why?

DHCP lease appears not be related, and the timing at which this happens seems to be random.

Ubuntu Server が突然 GUI モードになってしまう問題の対処法 on

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